New Toy Day – Descoware 5 Quart Danish Oven

I’ve been monkeying around on ebay since no later than ’98. And, only 4 years ago put myself on an absolute rule, don’t go unless you’re actually looking for a specific thing. Don’t go, don’t do it and never, ever after 6pm. Man, the crap that’s shown up on my doorstep! I’m not the only one, am I?
Been wanting another enameled cast iron oven for a long time, years. Odd that I only have 1, but there it is. To be honest, the cost has kept me away. Rarely, if ever, do I buy anything new. Cameras and kitchenware can be had used, in great condition, a great price and usually of higher quality than I can afford new.
Last week, after my other Descoware Danish Oven developed a chip during some over-heating abuse, I decided just to look on ebay to see what there was. I still use the old oven, but can’t store leftovers in it over-night, gets all rusty. Other than that, it’s still in weekly use.
That’s when I saw her, an unused Descoware 5 quart oven, in the original box with the original sticker on the front from 40 some odd years ago. The starting bid was 1/4 what a new Le Creuset is, I put in my bid of just a tad over. My first bid is my only bid, I gauge what I’m willing to pay and not a penny more.
I won.
Check that sucker out! You may or may not have heard about the ol’ Descoware name. They started out in the 1940’s and through the 1960’s were plugged by famous chefs world-wide. Julia Child made mention of them and plugged them quite frequently on her cooking show way back when. The attention to detail, the quality of the cast iron and enameled coatings are unsurpassed, even today. Everyone’s favorite color for enameled cast iron is Flame, that’s an easy one right? Yeah, that was created first by Descoware. The signature dark grey interior of yore? Yup, Descoware first.
I tried it out last night and it was quite similar to using a non-stick combined with cast iron, flippin’ amazing. I’m glad I decided to take a quick peek in to ebay, only if to look and see.
xo, Biggles

11 thoughts on “New Toy Day – Descoware 5 Quart Danish Oven

  1. He shoots
    He scores!
    I’ve won a few Descoware pieces on Ebay too. One guy had them listed under enamelware so there were no bidders but little ol’ me.
    They are exceedingly sweet.

  2. Getting the pot was easy, getting to cooking isn’t quite as. Hopefully soon!
    ps – Thank you for the tip, Evil G!

  3. Yo Big,
    SA-WEET deal. I scored a 2qt flame colored descoware pot at GW for a couple a bucks. XLNT. I also have several pieces of that stuck up “Frenchie-ware”. It is the bestest stuff on the planet. Pricey, but oh so worth it. Flea-bay is great, but dangerous.
    Thanks for an awesome blog Love, love, love the flame height adjustment posts!

  4. Hey Cathi,
    Thank you! Well, Flea-bay (love that, going to use it!) has to be taken with a grain of salt. I consider some of my purchases on ebay to be “gambling” in the traditional sense. Although, I have found some great sellers on there and usually stick with them when I need something.

  5. I am an avid DESCOWARE user, and collector. It is the predecessor of Le Creuset, and better for two reasons. One it is 35% lighter weight, and cooks as well. AND it does not chip near as easily as Le Creuset. D.E. Sanford Co. (DESCO) first asked LE CREUSET to manufacture it in FRANCE. They made their LC in GRAY and RED. Sanford asked for CHERRY FLAME, which was ORANGE-RED to YELLOW RED, like FLAME, and later asked for CITRON YELLOW, BLUE and other colors. Le Creuset said NO! So, Sanford took his line to BELGIUM and had all the lovely colors and patterns done their. Years later he had some matching accessory pieces made in JAPAN, porcelainized enamel over steel, same colors as the cast iron. Then he sold the company to General Housewares Company in the USA, who had some cast iron pieces made in Japan. Later still, they sold the DESCOWARE line to LE CREUSET, who took the colors, and some of the styles of pots and specialty items, and made a few colors, and then discarded the DESCOWARE name entirely. SO, YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL PIECE. NOT ONLY of HISTORY, but a CHEF’S DREAM, and still new with the labels and box! I think Descoware was still made up until 1980 or so, but limited pieces. I have mostly the CHERRY FLAME (Orange) and a few pieces of the MAPLE LEAF pattern. My favorite accessory piece is the enamel over carbon steel WOK AND DOK. I LOVE MY DESCOWARE. Julia Child did use some of it, and she lived in FRANCE for a time. She being tall, like me would have much preferred the lighter weight, when bending way down to pull a full DUTCH OVEN out of her OVEN! Those Le Creuset pieces are a CHIROPRACTOR’S DREAM! Keeps them in business!!! ENJOY YOUR DUTCH OVEN! It is the CITRON (yellow), I believe from your photo.
    Candy Eve